Kids Spring Sandals

Kids Spring Sandlas When looking around for sandals for Edith, I'm amazed with the vast selection of cool sandals. I could easily buy several for her just because I think they're cute, but it's my duty to remain practical and only purchase ones I know she'll love! When she was a baby she wore Tip Toey Joey sandals and trainers as they are seriously the best baby shoe!!!!! Now that's she's older I am a hug fan of the Saltwater San-Suns! I will actually buy her a few pair of the sun-sans this summer because she wears them everyday and they are waterproof! But there are many other sandals I'm loving and I wanted to share them with you now!

Happy Spring!

kelly xx

  1. Zara Animal Print Leather Sandal
  2. Birkenstock New York Sandals
  3. Pepe Palma Coral Sandal
  4. Pom D'Api Plagette Lagon Sandal
  5. Ocra Boys Green Sandal
  6. Zara Leather Boys Flat
  7. Pepe Sula Sandal
  8. Sun-San Shark Sandals
  9. Chloe Two-Toned Sandals
  10. Tip Toey Joey Parky Shoe
  11. Tip Toey Joey Swoopy Sandal

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