Little Reads

The Little Gardener My little one loves books! I mean loves books, which makes me super happy. She even sleeps with her books. The current routine at the moment is I read the book to her first and then she reads it to me. Yes of course, she can't read, but I love it when she acts like she's reading away.

We have a lovely bookshop in Crouch End called Pickle Pepper Books. I buy most of Edith's books from their as I feel it's very important to support local businesses. Plus they have an excellent selection of children's books. I stopped in their the other day to pick up a new bedtime story. After exhausting her other books, it was time for a new one.

I came across two books that I just fell in love with, Max at Night by Ed Vere and The Little Gardner by Emily Hughes. Max at Night is a lovely book about Max the cat saying goodnight to all his friends before bed and The Little Gardner is a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations about staying persistent no matter what the odds are.

Max at Night

So if you are looking for a few new books for your little one's bookshelf, I highly recommend these two books. Check out your local bookstore for these lovely books!

kelly xx

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