Mama Edit Wednesday: Feeling Good

Clothing, what does it mean to you?  Clothing means different things to different people. I use clothing as a form of expression. Some use clothing just to cover their bodies, they don't think much of it. They buy clothing because they have too. I see clothing as an art form. If I had the cash I would buy the most beautiful things to wear all the time. As I'm financially challenged at the moment, I think of clever ways to buy clothing that makes me feel good. 
I wait for sales or look to websites like Vestaire or eBay and sometimes I get lucky and find something superb at a second hand shop or a thrift shop. If not, then I tend to shop from local retailers or online retailers that I feel carry a product that will last and are versatile. You don't have to have a wardrobe full of clothing, just buy pieces that can be worn over and over again in different ways. I love to layer, so for me when shopping I think about all the ways I can layer the item. 
I've put together a board of pieces I am loving at the moment and can see myself wearing all spring/summer long and into the colder months. 
Happy shopping!
Outfit 1:
Outfit 2:
Outfit 3:
Outfit 4:
Outfit 5:

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