Mama Wardrobe: A Beautiful Story

A Beautiful Story Bracelets, ahh, bracelets! They are seriously one of my favourite things ever. I'm known for having a loads around my wrist. When I was Assistant Manager at Oliver Bonas I literally bought the store out in bracelets! The OB girls will vouch for me. My all time favourite bracelets are black plastic ones from Wal-Mart. I first bought these bracelets back what, 10 years ago and every time I go home, I make my way to Wal-Mart to buy myself another batch! I love mixing my cheap plastic ones with beautiful, well-thought out bracelets like the ones from A Beautiful Story.  A Beautiful Story from the Netherlands designs beautiful charm and bead bracelets designed and handmade by women in Nepal. Owner, Cathelijne wanted to create something beautiful, but that would also help support those in need. ABS collaborates with a number of small businesses in developing countries. Their main business collaboration is Beads for Life from Nepal, a small business providing work for women allowing them to achieve financial independence. These women help design and make ABS' beautiful knitted bracelets. These women are telling their story through their bracelet creations, making the jewellery very special.

A Beautiful Story offers a beautiful selection of bracelets, necklaces and storybooks. Their collections are meaningful and beautiful, making them the  best accessories and gifts. I've been working with A Beautiful Story since January and I am truly in love with the brand. When I wear their jewellery I know I'm supporting the amazing women creating it.

I recommend going on their website and reading more about A Beautiful Story and their producers. It's really fascinating. You can read about them here.

You can buy A Beautiful Story from their website but also several boutiques in the UK:

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