Mama Wardrobe: Flare It UP!

  Flare It UP

1. Stella McCartney Mid-Rise Flare // 2. Citizen for Humanity Heirloom Repair Flare // 3. Stella McCartney 70's Flare // 4. Frame Le High Flare // 5. Edited x Maja Wyn Jean // 6. ASOS Farleigh  // 7. Her New Tribe Picture

Flares! I'm so glad they are back. To be honest, I've been wearing my vintage ones this whole time and I'm totally ok with it! But it's nice to see them back as I find them super cool looking on! I've been searching for the perfect pair recently, ones that have just the right amount of flare, high-waisted and super comfy! When I was back in my hometown I went and did my routine shop at my favourite store, Staxx, carrying brands like Free People, Citizens for Humanity, Frame, and Wildfox. I came across these amazing pair of light denim Frame flares. I completely fell in love, but they were a bit big and I didn't want to buy a size up as I was afraid they would stretch. So I walked out of the store without the jeans, but don't worry I did buy an amazing Free People dress!!!!! But as time went on, I couldn't stop thinking about those damn Frame jeans.

I finally went back and tried them on again. I stood in front of the mirror forever! Note: I could do this because Edith was passed out in her pram, yay!!!! After boring myself to death starring at the same pair of jeans for ages, I bought them. Moral of the story, I'm so glad I bought them because I love them! And I'm a true believer in Frame denim now. I highly recommend giving Frame Denim a go. They are on the pricey side but I will tell you, it's worth investing in a nice pair of jeans, the fit and quality is really worth it. So with all this said here are some flares that have caught my eyes!!!!

Oh here is the cute Free People Dress I bought, well one of them. I would have never bought this if I saw it online, but I loved it on me!

free people dress


kelly xx


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