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I wish I was one of those annoying women that hop out of bed and their hair looks perfect, their skin is glowing like they have just returned from holiday and their nightwear is just, well cool. I'm afraid to say, I am not one of these women. My hair is all over the place, my face looks like I haven't slept in days and my pyjamas consist of a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt.

It's a goal of mine to start looking good for bed. My husband and I travel with friends quite a bit so it's important that I look good in the morning! Always an extra bonus to look and feel good at home!

On my hunt for a nice pair of pyjamas, I came across John Lewis' nightwear selection. I was impressed with the variety they offered. Not everyone has the same taste in nightwear. I prefer a pair of joggers and a t-shirt. Nightgowns aren't for me, but I have several friends that love a nice nightie.

John Lewis also has a nice selection of slippers, loungewear, and robes. So no more unattractive sleepwear, John Lewis has you covered! Here's to lounging in style!

Check out their great nightwear selection here:

  1.  John Lewis Carrie Spot Pyjama Set, Navy, £35.00
  2. John Lewis Suede Ballerina Slippers, Grey, £28.00 (also available in purple and oatmeal)
  3. Cyberjammies Heart Dobby Check Pyjama Set, Grey, £45.00
  4. John Lewis Sherpa Mule Slippers, Grey, £12.00
  5. Vagabond Leopard Eye Mask, £8.00
  6. John Lewis Croft Collection Waffle Bath Robe, Steal, £45.00 (also available in white)
  7. DKNY Urban Essentials Capri Lounge Pants, Black, £43.00 (also available in blue)
  8. Joules Selma Long Sleeve Jersey Top, Cream, £19.95
  9. John Lewis Oversized Lounge Top, Charcoal, £12.50 on sale (also available in grey stripe)
  10. Hygge by Mint Velvet Jersey Joggers, Ivory, £59.00
  11. (girl pictured wearing) Splendid Stripe Pyjama Set, Black/Grey, £84.00

kelly xx

John Lewis

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