Mama Wardrobe Wednesday

Lately I've been focusing a lot on children's fashion and have put mama fashion on the back burner, but not anymore! Each Wednesday I will bring you some great finds I think us mama's will like. I got a lovely email from a reader that asked if I would sometimes focus on fashion for breastfeeding mothers and I thought this was a great idea. So today I have found a few outfits that look great but are also easy for breastfeeding mamas! If there is something you are looking for or need inspiration in a certain area, let me know, I'll try to help you out! Today is a very simple Mama Wardrobe Wednesday but I really liked this outfits! I hope you do to!

OUTFIT 1: 69 Denim Dress. This dress is great for breastfeeding as it's cross over and draped so you can easily feel comfortable feeding. It's also very stylish so you are right on trend!

OUTFIT 2: Zara Dress. I just love this dress. It's pretty and it's a cross over top so super easy for feeding. The whole thing about breastfeeding is you still want to look great but you have to have a practical wardrobe. I think Zara is perfect for these kind of things as they are stylish and affordable. 

OUTFIT 3: Zara Printed Blouse and Objects Without Meaning HIgh Waist Jeans. I love this blouse it has a lovely print, it's cross over and it's a dark colour which helps with hiding stains. I wear high waisted jeans now as my body as changed since having Edith and I think these Objects Without Meaning Jeans are the perfect addition to any wardrobe mama or not! Great colour too!

OUTFIT 4: Electric Feathers Jumpsuit. So this may not be the easiest outfit when breastfeeding but it's the coolest!!!! I had to throw it in there because I am so in love with it!!! So on my wish list!

OUTFIT 5: Pixie Market Leopard Print Jumpsuit. If you can't already tell I love jumpsuits. Nowadays they can look classy and cool! This Pixie Market Jumpsuit is so great as it has a cross over bodice so definitely easy access for mamas! 

Happy Shopping!!!!

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