Mama Wardrobe Wednesday 4

Oh man, or shall I say oh mama, I am just loving these Mama Wardrobe Wednesday! I'm getting all sorts of great ideas for my wardrobe! And discovering new labels too! I know many of you are unsure about wearing dresses with the little ones, but I'm quite a fan. Dresses are simple, super easy to put on and most of the time look pretty good on too. I've found three dresses that are super easy, perfect for now and winter and will look good for seasons to come. Now I know these dresses aren't the best if you are breastfeeding but I'll make sure and get a selection up for you. Three dresses, one amazing jacket, one pair of shoes, one great handbag, and a cool pair of earrings and voila three great outfits! Enjoy!

STONE AND HONEY Cannon Earrings
VANESSA BRUNO Athe Ivorie Perfecto Jacket
DR. MARTENS Lester Glitter Brogues

BLACK CRANE Long Dress in Faded Black
ZARA Detailed Knit Dress
TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE Jersey Ruched Dress

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