Mama Wardrobe Wednesday: CAMP Collection!

I'm from the Midwest, which means Middle America, which means camping and canoeing. I'm not gonna lie, I really miss it! Have you ever sat in a blow up tube and floated down the river with a beer in hand? Let me just say it's FABULOUS!!!! When I came across CAMP Collection it took me back to my carefree days of sitting in the sun on the river. Sigh... Good times. CAMP Collection is a women's ready-to-wear clothing line based out of San Francisco designed by Tamar Wider. 
Inspired by the summer camp Wider attended while growing up, C A M P Collection strives to embody nostalgia, comfort, summer and relaxation. They aim to fill your closet with the article of clothing suited for your weekend getaway. Adorned with muted plaids and ruffles, this collection is sure to keep you very stylish while rafting down the river or having a backyard BBQ. 
All I've got to say is I'm in Love!!!!!

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