Mama Wardrobe Wednesday: Maternity Fashion

I have been meaning to talk about maternity fashion for sometime now. Here it is almost two years after the birth of my daughter and I'm finally getting around to it. It's not rocket science, maternity fashion, but it's good to know what to buy for those nine months of a swelling tummy. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I worried about finding clothes that would fit my growing belly without looking horrific. Today, us women have several fashionable maternity options, it's just good to know where to turn for those pieces. Now one thing I didn't want to do was spend a load of money on pieces I wouldn't wear again after the baby was born, so I narrowed it down to some pieces I thought were essential to have and wore my normal clothes most of the time. I didn't purchase maternity jeans until later in the pregnancy. And when I did purchase my maternity jeans, let's just say I didn't actually want to give them up after Edith was born either. They were just too comfy and looked great on! But let me assure you, they did go. 

Here are some outfits I wore:

Pieces I think are essential for your pregnancy wardrobe:

1. Comfy Trousers- It's nice to have one pair of comfy trousers, especially as you get      bigger. These don't have to necessarily be maternity trousers. 

2. Leggings- I purchased my from Topshop and I swear they are the best!

3. Maternity Jeans- I purchased a pair from Topshop and Asos. There are several designer brands that do great maternity jeans, but I didn't want to spend the money. I wanted to wait and buy myself a nice pair as a treat for fitting back into my old size again!

4. Top- I purchased a lovely sheer white button up top that I still wear now and it was great for breastfeeding too!  

5. Pencil Skirt- A pencil skirt is perfect for when you are pregnant it's super comfy and looks great on! Again I bought my from Topshop.

6. Vests- I think purchasing a few vest in different colours are essential, no matter what season it is. They are perfect for wearing under tops or lounging around the house. And perfect for showing off your beautiful bump. 

7. Simple vest dress- Again I bought my from Topshop, simple black vest dress. I wore it all the time!

8. Cardigan- I had a lovely grey cardigan I wore throughout my pregnancy, I still wear it now, I still love it! I think a cardigan can add so much to an outfit and it's practical, especially in London, layering is essential. 

9. Shoes- You need a good pair of shoes, but they need to be easy to put on, because I promise you one morning you will wake up and realise you can't actually see your feet, which creates a problem when putting on your shoes, so the easier the shoe, the better. Plimsoles/skaters are all over the place at the moment, they are comfortable and look great on. I have the Black Fur Slip On Skaters from Topshop and they go with everything! 

Some brands I would recommend for maternity fashion:

If you are on a budget: Topshop and ASOS are great!
I highly recommend Koka Mama- beautiful collection made of soft knits and comfy trousers. I have a pair of her trousers and I can still wear them, they are amazing!
Hatch Collection- pricey, but worth every penny as their collection can be worn pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post- pregnancy. Their collection is stunning!
InPig- Are you a vintage lover and have realised that vintage clothing does not cater to pregnant women? In Pig has taken inspiration from their love of vintage a made it suitable for those growing bellies!
Storq- I wrote about Storq on Sunday. I was quite pleased with myself as I had already had most of this post together before I discovered Storq and realised I had pretty much the same idea for maternity basics as they did. I must of done something right! Storq sells maternity basics in little bundles, making it easy for you. Need natural beauty products? Storq has it!, Need maternity fashion basics? Storq has it all ready for you! Check them out, it's brilliant!

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