Mama Wardrobe Wednesday- Skirting Around

Skirting Around

I have to say I am completely in love with Polyvore. I have known about it forever, but never really checked into. But let me tell you, it's so cool!!!! I can pick out my favs and publish it to my blog, genius!!!! Usually when I put my favourites together I stay away from the super expensive items, because unfortunately I can't afford them, but today I decided to go for it and aspire to have some of these beautiful items in my wardrobe one day. 

I love skirts!!!! I went through my skirts the other day and realise I have a lot, but they are so comfortable and look so good with out having to really try or think about it. So today I am dedicating Mama Wardrobe to skirts paired with cool printed jumpers or shirts! I hope you enjoy!!!!

Skirting Around by girlstalktoboys featuring a nylon shirt

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