Mama Wardrobe Wednesday- The T-Shirt Dress

There was once upon a time I would have frowned at the thought of a t-shirt dress and a jersey one at that. But now I find them quite useful. With the right cut and material, 
t-shirt dresses can look chic but also be extremely comfortable. For me, my wardrobe needs to be easy, comfortable and it needs to look great. I work from home, so I don't have to think about office attire, I buy things according to my lifestyle at the moment and that is chasing a 16 month old around. I've found three t-shirt dresses I think are perfect additions to any wardrobe, mother or not, two of which I just received in the mail and I think they will be perfect. 

Hat Attack Hat, ASOS Black Backpack, Muireann Pendant, ASOS Black T-shirt Dress, Leopard Print Vans, Black Crane Wine T-Shirt Dress, Zara Lace-up Boots, Noisy May T-Shirt Dress, Converse Leopard Print 

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