Mama Wardrobe Wednesday: Wool and the Gang

Now that it's properly cold here in London, I think it's appropriate to start talking about knitwear, nice, beautifully made, and unique knitwear! Wool and the Gang is a global fashion brand that believes in exceptional design that is not factory made. Each piece is uniquely made by their knitwear artists from around the world. Designers and knit geniuses, Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood met while studying textile design at Central Saint Martins right here in London! This year they have teamed up with the amazing fashion photographer, Pamela Hanson to create a heart felt, we love wool campaign using influential artist, designers and writers. Believe me, this campaign is inspiring and just down right gorgeous! With a beautiful collection of jumpers, hats, cardigans and snoods, you can now join the wool gang and sport your wool today!

Check out their gorgeous collection here and also check out how you can make your own knit!

Photos taken from Refinery 29, photographs by Pamela Hanson

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