Mama's Make-up Must-haves!

make-up must haves

Make-up has never been by speciality, just ask my best friend Raeganne. She's probably giggling right now. I've always avoided the subject as it's never been a natural thing for me. But this has all changed. I'm into make-up now! I want my face to look young and luminous, especially as I'm getting older. It's a necessity to spend a bit more time on making my face look less tired these days. I've spoken with friends that are knowledgeable about beauty products recently and decided to try out some new products. The result has been phenomenal! Now that I've spent some time discovering what's best for my face, I'm pretty much addicted.

Here are my favourites for my face!


xx Kelly


(Starting from left to right)


(Starting from left to right)


(Starting from left to right)

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