More Pictures Part 3

edie school Are you bored yet? Hope not! It's nice to share my little Springfield adventures with you. I've been trying to experience Springfield as much as possible this time around because in all honesty, I don't know when I'll be back again. Springfield may be small compared to London standards but it does have some good things going for it and I'm glad I'm enjoying those good things.

I would have loved to spend some time in Chicago and if I would have known I'd be staying longer, then I would have made a trip up there. The tricky thing about the States, it's soooo big and it's not like I can catch an Easy Jet flight to Chi Town or LA for that matter. I could definitely book myself on a plane but it will come with a price. And with a 3 year old in the mix driving would be a bit complicated at this point. But hopefully next time I will plan in some trips to see my special special friends!

But for now here are some more pictures of our trip.

kelly xx


nathanal greene edie parl japanesse gardens lake jap edie







Visting the oldest house in Springfield and the one room Liberty Schoolhouse has been a major highlight of our trip so far. Edith loved the schoolhouse, it took some convincing to het her out of it. The lovely volunteer at the schoolhouse that day attended the Liberty School and told us all about her time there. Edith and I were both fascinated with her stories. The school started in 1895 and remained Liberty School until it became part of the Fair Grove School District in 1951. The Liberty School has since been moved to Nathanael Greene to educate the public the education of Springfield's Early Settlers. It was truly a really nice afternoon at the park learning about my cities history.

old house fireplace bedroom old clothes kitchen


school house edie school 1 school 5 school 1 school 4 school 3 school 6 edie school 2 desk


I had talked about Gailey's in a previous post, but didn't get any great photos. Here is Gailey's, probably the best breakie in town.

Ggaileys 4gaileys 3gaileys 1gaileys 2gaileys edie

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