Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is Sunday. I know many people think it's super silly to have a day dedicated to the appreciation of mothers as mother's should be appreciated everyday, but organised appreciation days are needed. Not everyone is great at showing their gratefulness on a daily basis or even a monthly basis. A kindly reminder is always a bonus. I think people in general underestimate the importance of mothers and how hard being a mother can be. No one made us become mother's, that was our own doing, but we are raising the next generation and that in fact is the most important job ever. So mama's out there, well done!!!!  

Happy Mama's Day! Stay sexy mamas!!!!!

Going from left to right.
- Depeapa Tree Tea Tray, £24.20
- Made by Manos Fine Bone China Bowls, £20.00 each
- Merchant Archive Small Copper Potted Candle, £55.00
- Talking Fashion by Jan Kedves(my brother-in-law wrote this book, very very good)
- COATT Name Necklace, $100
- Depeapa Bearded Man A4 Print, £16.76
- Dust of Vintage Cups, £18.62
- Nicola Rowlands Family Portrait, £60.00-100.00
- Aesop Parsley Seed Gift Set, £210.00
- Panselinos Hanging Planter, £11.17

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