My Birthday Wishlist

bday wishlist1. coat// 2. bum bag// 3. hat// 4. perfume// 5. book

So I become part of the mid-thirties group on Monday. Yep the big 35 years old. God, I remember when I was in my late teens, early twenties I thought 35 was so old. Not anymore more!!! I feel so young, I don't feel mid-thirties! I mean come on thirties are the new twenties!!!!!!

Monday I'm getting a few of my mama friends together and we are gonna brunch at Fink's in Finsbury Park, amazing brunch btw. I highly recommend trying it out. Some of my mama friends work for themselves or are still on maternity leave or going on maternity leave, so I'm taking the opportunity to enjoy a nice birthday brunch with them! I don't think we've met up for brunch since we had our little ones!

With the collection almost finished, I can't really ask for anything for my birthday as all of our money has gone straight in to it! But this is a ok because finally having my own collection is a birthday present in itself. But if I could have a few nice things for my birthday it would be these above!

  1. A black coat, I need one, I had a black coat but some girl stole it while I was out one night, yep not nice. I like this one from Weekday.
  2. Bum Bag from Whistles. I LOVE bum bags and I use them too. This would be such a treat!
  3. Elephant hat from No-hats. This is my dream hat!!!!! I first saw this hat at Pure London and I'm still dreaming out it!!!!
  4. Perfume, because I am actually out! I had a chance to smell I Am Dance by Roads at Olive Loves Alfie East and I fell in love! Smells so good!
  5. Tim Walker book. I'm a huge fan of Tim Walker! I love his magical photoshoots. I find his work so inspirational and I would love to have this book on my coffee table so I could look through it while having my morning coffee.

kelly xx

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