My Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday in a few weeks! January 18th to be exact. I still get excited about my birthday! Why not? It's the only day you can be a bit selfish and make it all about you. I usually invite our closest friends round for dinner.  It's fun, easy and meaningful. This year I'm hoping to get some of our friends in from out-of-town and make it a weekend bash! There's nothing better than spending a weekend in London with those closest to you. 

Because it's my birthday soon. I put a birthday wishlist together. I tend to have expensive taste so I don't expect these gifts. Since it's a wishlist why not go for gold:)

1. Ryan Roche Dress -The most beautiful dress

2. Reality Studio Toni Boots - These boots are a dream!

3. Cactus- I am dreaming of the day I have a tall cactus standing in our living room!

4. YesMum Boss Cards - Perfect way to start your day!

5. No-Hats Felt Hat in Black -  I've wanted this hat for years! Size M please:) One day!

6. Daphy Raes Small Fanny Pack - It's perfect! I'm a big bum bag fan!

7. Geb Rey Wall Planter Hooks -  I have been looking for these everywhere! The are round metal rings that have a straight hook at the back that you can nail into your wall, then you can hang a planter in the metal ring. Genius!

8. Mr. Larkin Alice Skirt -  This skirt looks so comfy and would look great with an oversized jumper and black SK-8 Vans!

9. A Beautiful Story Nirmala Bracelets - My favourite bracelets in the world! They are amazing for layering up!


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