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In honour of Halloween this weekend, I found it appropriate to be inspired by black. I'm a huge fan of black anyways, so I'm always quite happy to talk about it. If you look in my closet the majority of my items are black. My little one, Edith enjoys black as well. I've never understood why mothers are afraid to put there kids in black. It's a very easy colour to wear and really looks good on. Edith left the house in a black shirt, black legging and a pink skirt and if I do say so myself it looked cool! And on a practical note, black hides all the paint that didn't make it onto her painting!

Now I really love the minimalist black and white house decor as well. I admire those that can pull it out with perfection, unfortunately when it comes to my house, it's pretty bright!

Only Black. I couldn't agree more!

Happy Halloween week!

kelly x

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