Perk it UP!

I've been going a bit nutso over on social media lately due to our crowdfunding campaign. Let me just say it's a full-time job! I'm actually going a bit nuts over it. I now see why people make businesses out of social media. And boy do I have so so much to learn! I like social media personally especially instagram and pinterest, but I'm not very good at promoting myself on it. Since this campaign I am having to force myself to learn a bit more.

Anyways, out indiegogo campaign is a great way for you to snatch a few pieces from the new collection! If you go an buy a piece from indiegogo, it ensures you a piece before the collection comes out. I have 5 amazing stockists that will be carrying bits and bobs of the collection and I'll be sharing more with you on that soon. But this campaign give you a chance to purchase a beautiful piece of clothing while supporting my new business.

I'm running this campaign so I can take my business to the next level. The money goes directly back into making clothes and developing my next collection. It's not for personal use at all! This business is my baby and I want to grow it to become a healthy and sustainable business.

If you are interested in supporting my new venture, please head over to indiegogo and support girlstalktoboys!

Here are a summary of the perks you can purchase!

kelly xx

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