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petit tribe  

I rocked up at the Circus London Pr Press Event with high hopes of finding a few new brands and that I did. When I first walked in to the showroom my eyes fell upon a rail of some seriously beautiful garments. The colours were so vibrant and the patterns so rich. I fell in love, that's all I have to say. I fell in love with Petit Tribe, a luxury clothing brand for our little beauties.

Luxury clothing for kids, I've always admired it but never really bought into it as Edith was way too small for such beautiful garments, but now as she's getting older, I wouldn't mind buying her a gorgeous piece of clothing. So I might start with Petit Tribe.

Petit Tribe is a new fashion childrenswear brand founded by Olatoun Jolaoso. Her range is designed for children 0-12 years who are curious, bold and fun loving- the little explorer!  They celebrate bold prints, dazzling colours and seamlessly fuse African inspiration with contemporary styling. Their pieces are bold, vibrant and easy to wear.       



Olatuan was inspired by the nomadic Fulani Tribe, which she saw and connected with almost every day while growing up in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna. The Fulani’s astonishingly vibrant tribal prints and patterns inform the design and very basis of Petit Tribe.

This season's collection was inspired by Giles Sparrow’s book, The Cosmos. Inspiring ideas relating to the universe and the galaxy can be seen all throughout her collection. Circle burst and explosion prints can be seen on the many of the pieces creating beautiful statement pieces.

Check out her beautiful collection below! You will surely see why I love it!

Petit Tribe

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