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Picture by Kelly Ekardt (Springfield, MO)
Here we are, Christmas has pasted and the New Year is fast approaching. It's pretty obviously like everyone else out there I am asking myself what I would like the New Year to bring. I have made a list of what I would like to see happen in 2017. This list may not seem attainable but I don't care. It's a list of what I want to see come to life in the near future, whether it be this year or the next or the year after, it's a list I believe will happen. I say why hold back and limit yourself or life? 
I except a lot out of 2017. I except progress, self-belief and well, contentment. 2016  for most of us was a pretty shit year, not all of it, but a year of lessons, hard work and in some way clarity of what not to do and how to make 2017 better. 
I have called 2017 for me, Project Kelly. I have made a vow to myself to take care of myself, challenge myself and first and foremost, love myself. This may seem like a simple project but for me its not. I have to stand tall, proud and tell myself and the people around me I'm capable. 
What is on your list? Write a list and pin it somewhere you can see if everyday and
let it be a reminder of where you would like to see yourself this next year. 
While you're writing your list have a listen to our new Tunage Tuesday playlist. I think you'll like it.
Happy New Year!
kelly x

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