Ponytail Designs! So in Love!!!

I absolutely fell head over heels for Ponytail Design at Bubble last season. They had a small stand but it caught my eye from a mile away. Ponytail design basic accessories for your baby like snack bags, changing mats, hooded towel, diaper bags, backpacks and chalkboard placemats but in a simple, attractive and original way. I searched high and low for a cool changing mat and hooded towel but could not find what I was looking for until I discovered Ponytail. Using their own original illustrations, they take something so simple and make it a must-have!!!!!  I am just so in love with their giraffe and zebra backpack and their chalkboard placemat.  Their collection is made of high-quality materials for everyday use, and all beautifully coordinated to make a perfect gift.  Head over to Ponytail to see their beautiful collection! Christmas is right around the corner! www.ponytailshop.net

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