Press It Up!

sign It's that time of year again, Press Days! All of us mama bloggers anxious to see what the PR firms have up their sleeve. I had the great joy of attending Alegre Media's Press Day last week. Kate Hill and Charli Hooper, originally from Circus Pr, decided to venture out on their own and start their own Pr firm, Alegre Media, and they have done a very good job.

set up

Representing brands such as: Molo, Loud Apparel, Salt-Water Sandals, Beanie and Bear and working alongside The Feathered Kids Agency, they have hit the ground running.

salt-water clothes beanie

This time round I was really impressed with Molo's new collection. I've been a Molo fan for awhile, but with their recent collections I find I am in love with everything they create. And my little one loves it too, which is a major bonus!

molo molo detail molo boys molo 2 cat bag

Popupshop, Omamimini, Agatha Cub and Loud Apparel of course drew me in as well, as they always do. These brands are cool, memorable and just what a mama and a kid want.

I look forward to Alegre's Media next press day as I know they will continue to stay cool and represent great brands!

loud apparel 1 loud 2dolls

kelly xx

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