Having a little one turn 1 years old, you start to realise they are capable of doing quite a lot now. This means I can start planning out fun activites for her and I to do together. Browsing for ideas I came across Pukaca from Portugal. Pukaca's mission is to make your day a colorful one. Their products are a nice balance between quality, innovation, functionality and fun, allying design with handicrafts. They specialise in finger puppets, masks, paper theatre, books and textiles. They have products you can purchase online but also some of their products like their face masks or paper dolls can be downloaded as a PDF. All you have to do is pay the small fee, then print it out and voila you have the perfect afternoon project. I absolutely adore the paper theatre. It's so so clever and looks like a lot of fun!!! Check out their great selection of fun!!!!

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