Redraven Studios

redraven Since being home I've had time to browse our local home shops and antique shops around town. It's sure made me antsy to redecorate our flat again. I do miss having cheap amazing antique home stores so close to me. In London you really have to dig deep to find a good deal on a special piece as everyone in the business knows the true value of a piece. In Springfield, you can find some amazing deals!

In search for more cool decor inspiration I came across Redraven Studios on Esty. Founded  in 2008 by Amy Hamley, Redraven studios creates finely crafted jewelry and home & wedding decor out of porcelain. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, their home decor reflects life in Pennsylvania. Amy's inspiration comes from found objects that remind her of childhood, mementos of her ancestors, and symbols of hardworking families.

If you are looking for a unique wedding gift or an interesting piece for your home, Redraven Studios is just the place for you.

Check out her amazing collection here:

kelly xx

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