Scandinavian Minimall is 2 Today!!!!

One of my favourite kids shops, well, ok, probably my fav is turning two today!!!!! Gabrielle from Scandinavian Minimall has a great selection of fashionable clothing for those fashionable fashionistas!!! I had the honour of having a nice chit chat with Gabrielle. Usually I post chit chats on Fridays, but because it's a special day for her, lets honour her success and turning the big 2 today with a lovely interview! 
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1. Tell me about yourself, what is your background? Why did you decide to start Scandinavian Minimall? What inspired you?
I am Gabrielle, a Swedish mum of two who owns and manages Scandinavian Minimall, a concept web store with stylish, fun and unique children's designs from Scandinavia and elsewhere. I decided to start up Scandinavian Minimall as I've always loved Scandinavian design and when I had my son 4 years ago I didn't like most of the children's wear that was available where we live. So I decided to set up on my own, with absolutely no background in retail or fashion so it's been a real journey, mostly an amazing one but a few challenges too. My background is in marketing as both brand manager and consumer insight which has helped somewhat I am sure. And the fact that I never give up.
2. What is Scandinavians Minimall’s motto? What do you want your customers to know about you?
I want Scandinavian Minimall to be the kind of online shop where you'll be able to find all things beautiful for our little ones. If it's Scandinavian, I tend to love it a bit more as that's where I am from. Having said that, I have a total crush on Bobo Choses and Emile Et Ida at the moment. Not so Scandinavian....ha, ha.
3. How do you decide on each new collection, do you have any idea of what you are looking before you go to buying appointments? Do your little ones help you with the decision making? 
With no experience in children's retail or retail at all for that matter, I started off by buying a lot of stylish but plain things which I've now realised doesn't sell particularly well online, or at least not in the UK. So now I always look for stunning prints and fun, unique designs, whether that'd be interiors, jewellery or clothes. My son Wilhelm inspires a lot of the decision making when I buy, he's into wild animals, superheroes and all the usual boys stuff right now but it does help me make up my mind on what prints to buy for example. My daughter Cornelia is only 9 months old, but I try and buy things I know I would want her to wear, usually not so girly, more grey/yellow/black with a tiny bit of pink, just like her mum.
4. How would you describe your style? Does this influence how you buy for the shop?
 I am very Scandinavian in the way that I dress I think. I love grey, black, white and yellow, plain, simple things and modern cuts. I guess you could describe my style as French/Scandinavian: Acne meets Cos crossed with some feminine French design like Maje or Sandro. My newest design crush is And Other Stories, H&Ms new store. I went a bit overboard there whilst shopping the other week....
5. Who are your favourite designers? 
For daywear, I love Acne, COS or a Swedish label called Hope. Very minimalistic in other words. When I want to be more feminine, I always tend to go for French mid market brands like Maje, Sandro, A.P.C....or UK designer Sophie Hulme, I love her bags.  
6. Who are your favourite childrenswear designers?
 At the moment, I am very into graphic design and neon, which makes Atsuyo Et Akiko and Lucky Boy Sunday stand out. Love those labels! 
7. Are there any up and coming designers you are really excited about?
 I think Beau LOves, which we'll start selling at Scandinavian Minimall next week, is definitely one to watch. But so are Mini & Maximus, another new brand soon available at Scandinavian Minimall. There are so many great brands, wish I had the capacity, time and budget to stock them all!
8. Do you have a favourite café, bookshop, store, that you gain inspiration from? 
I gain the majority of my inspiration online, by reading other blogs and by being a bit obsessed with instagram. Also love magazines like KeikiBabiekins and Papier Mache. I love living in Fulham, West London, but I would't say I get any real style inspiration here (sorry fellow Fulham inhabitants!), which is why online is an important outlet for me.  
9. What is the best advice you have received? What advice can you give to us? 
The best advice I've been given is that hard work balances out advantage and privelege, but my personal advice to anyone is that you also need to have fun whilst giving it your all, I don't think I would be successful at anything I didn't love doing. 
10. What’s next for Scandinavian Minimall? Any exciting plans or news? 
 Scandinavian Minimall is turning 2 years this week and I am very excited to have made it this far, I've grown month by month but at the same time many customers have remained loyal from the very beginning, which is really great. What the future holds?  I love what I do and I'm happy and blessed to get to have a happy family, great friends and work with what I love, so as long as the future contains my family, friends and Scandinavian Minimall, I am happy!!  

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