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First of all I want to start off by saying I'm not pregnant, I'm not ready for a second little one yet, but many of my friends are pregnant and it got me thinking about what I bought for Edith when she was a baby. It's funny how when you start shopping for your first child, you think you need loads of stuff, but in all honesty, it's not true. You end up having way more than you need or end up buying really cute things but realised you should have bought more dribble bibs or wrap baby bodies.  I've put a list together of things I bought for Edith when she was a baby. Each of these are things I used and loved!

  1. Talc Hoodie - absolutely the best fleece hoodie in the world! I bought this hoodie in every size for Edith.
  2. Love Soap - Organic baby shampoo made right here in the UK. I love this brand!
  3. Storq Carryall - the best backpack. I am a backpack lover and I wanted something chic but practical for carrying all those baby essentials. Get it, it's the best!
  4. Dribble Bibs - I went nuts for dribble bibs for Edith. She had them in every colour and print!
  5. Oeuf Booties - Edith had several booties. She was so tiny when she was born, I wanted to keep her warm. I love these Oeuf Booties, so cute and so warm.
  6. Sense Organics Muslin - You cannot have enough muslin cloths. I repeat you can not have enough!! I absolutely LOVE Sense Organics muslins! Top quality!
  7. Ponytail Changing mat - I so wish Ponytail was around when I was looking for a travel changing mat. I searched and searched for a cool changing mat, I think I finally bought one off of Easy. But I love Ponytail's cool prints!
  8. Sense Organics wrap baby bodies - I looked the world over for cute wrap baby bodies and I couldn't find them! Sense Organics has the best 100 % organic, super soft wrap baby bodies. All my friends are getting them!
  9. Babyzen Yoyo - The best pram ever!!!! We have the toddler version. My husband and I went out and bought the Yoyo the first week it was available in the UK from Huggle. I can't tell you enough how great this pram is. People are still amazed when I close it up or open it up. The flight attendants at the airport are always very impressed!  And if or when we decide to have a second baby, we'll get the baby version of this pram!
  10. Makie Kimono Wrap - I wish I would have order loads of these for Edith. I had two and used them all the time!!!
  11. Star Wrap - I had this for Edith in a really pretty purple colour. I can't tell you enough how useful the star wrap is. It's so soft and practical! Your baby can wear it in the carrier and in the pram! It keeps your baby so warm and no hassle putting it on!
  12. Tuss Basics - I am a huge fan of Tuss. Their baby essentials are by far the best. Made of super soft cotton. I have the cardigan, shirt warp, long sleeve shirts and leggings from them. I love their colour palette, black, light pink, grey and white. Edith lived in these.
  13. Ergo - We first had a Stokke Carrier, but soon switched to the Ergo as I found it way more comfortable.
  14. Numero 74 Sleeping Bag - I had a beautiful star sleeping bag from Numero 74. Beautifully crafted, super soft and easy to zip and unzip. I loved ours!

So there you have it, some of my favourite baby essentials. The list could go on and on, but I thought I would start you off with a few!

kelly xx

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