I don't know about you, but I am super excited about the changing weather! I mean, it's about time! I enjoy myself some winter, but after awhile it starts to become a bit blah! Unfortunately, London does not have a proper winter. Where I'm from you better bundle up or you will freeze your bum off! But let's not focus on the negative and start focusing on the positive which is spring is pretty much here! The trees are budding, the sun is peeping through and oh let's not forget SS16 collections have hit the stores!

Unfortunately, I do not have a budget for clothing, which makes me very very sad, with my new kids collection just launching it doesn't leave much room for anything else financially, bummer! So I am focusing on making our garden a flower sensation! I love flowers! Their smell and their beauty make me smile!

I took some inspiration from pinterest and created a beautiful spring board!

Happy Spring!

kelly xx

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