Storq: Four Basic Wardrobe

Now I must say, I'm a bit jealous of Storq. Why weren't they around when I was pregnant with Edith or if they were, why didn't I hear about them? This is a genius concept. And funny that I discovered them today as I am talking about maternity fashion on Wednesday for Mama Wardrobe. When you're pregnant, the last thing you want to do is buy a load of maternity clothing! Yep, not cool. I just bought a few basics and wore my regular clothes until I literally couldn't fit into them anymore. Storq has made it easy and created bundles you can buy: beauty, body and basics. The Basic Bundle comes with four basic garments that will get you through your whole pregnancy: Dress, Leggings, Skirt, Vest. All four items for only $195.00 genius idea!!!!!! The Beauty Bundle keeps you looking gorgeous without all the fuss with 4 natural product: lipstick, mascara, nail polish and nail polish remover. And the Body Bundle comes loaded with 7 natural beauty products: soap, deodorant, belly balm, belly oil, citrus cleanser, sunscreen and shampoo and conditioner.

About Storq:
Pregnancy doesn't have to be a black hole for good taste.With miraculous changes underway and life-altering decisions to be made, why sweat the small stuff? 
Our goal is to empower moms-to-be by providing an online resource for maternity essentials that are equal parts practical, accessible and stylish.
At the end of the day, pregnant women just want to feel like themselves. 
We'd like to make that part a little easier.

Basic Bundle

Body Bundle
Beauty Bundle

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