studio-escargot Dolls can become a child's best friend. I'm not sure why one soft toy or doll is better than the other, but somehow there is a connection to a certain toy for a child. My child loves a monkey called Maurice. They have been best friends since the day he was given to her as a gift and that was 2 years ago.

When giving a gift to a child I want to give them something special, a loveable that could become their very best friend. That's why I fell in love with Studio-escargot. Sophia Smeekens designs and makes loveables for kids. Her creations are unique and are surely to be loved by a little one.

Ever since she was a small girl Sophia made her own dolls, dolls clothes and even whole houses out of pretty much everything she could find. During her education as an upholsterer and interior advisor she developed a profound love for (old) fabrics, shape and colour. After ten years of working in the fashion industry Sophia realised that she wanted to do more with her own ideas and work on a smaller scale and more with and for her surroundings.

You can see Sophie's experience in the craftsmanship of her loveables. Her creations make the perfect gifts for any little one!

Check out her beautiful collection here: Studio-escargot

kelly xx

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