Thanksgiving Goodies

Today is Thanksgiving back home. Right now my family is probably sitting around the table eating some really delicious food and enjoying each others company. I'm not gonna lie, I miss my family a lot! But this is what happens when you live abroad, you only get to see the people you love so often. Anyways, I'm getting all sappy. I've put together a board of some nice things I really like at the moment and remind me of Thanksgiving, whether it be the colour or the style or it's just nice! 

Happy Thanksgiving folks! Give someone you love a really really big hug, you never know they might just need it!


Brickett Davada Creme Mug, April and May Small Grey Feathers, Baby Jives Cloud Mobile, Mint and Permission Corduroy Dress, Kinfolk Table Book, Futagami Brass Toolholder, Sosatsuma Knit Snood, French Knitted Cloud Necklace, April and May Vintage Wooden Spool, Tiny Cottons Dog Onsie, L:A Brucket Liquid Soap, 
Mint and Permission Athese Coat

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