The Mystery Hour- Instagram Husband Many of you are very familiar with the Instagram Husband video that went viral a couple of weeks ago and went all crazy mad! CNN mentioned it, the BBC and it even made an appearance on the Man Repeller. When I showed my husband the video, he laughed out loud as everything in that video he does! He's truly an instagram husband. But one thing that was never really mentioned was the comedy crew behind the funny but very true video. This group of very funny and talented comedians are part of a late night show called The Mystery Hour. I know it's hilarious because I've been. I grew up with these very talented folks and let me tell you, if you ever find yourself in Springfield, Missouri please treat yourself to a show!

The Mystery Hour began in the basement of the Skinny Improv hosted by Jeff Houghton and Jeff Jenkins (which is now the night manager at Second City in Chicago) as a conspicuously fake tv show and after five years it has become an underground phenomenon. It's truly a one-of-a-kind show and super hilarious. Here's a clip from one of their shows.

Because of their true wit and ever flowing fountain of ideas, Jeff Houghton, Michelle Houghton, Emma Chapman (A Beautiful Mess), Trey George (A Beautiful Mess), Nate Black and Sarah Jenkins have put themselves on the map as true comedians and I hope Instagram Husband helps them further their comedian dreams!!!

Way to go guys!!!! We have some true talent coming out of my hometown!!!!


oh and here's a picture of my instagram husband:) Yes he was trying to be funny like usual.

kelly xx

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