Thursday Love: LULUZULU

Tights. I love tights and I'm actually quite picky when it comes to tights for Edith. One, I want them to look good and two, they need to be comfortable and easy for Edith to run around the house in without slipping. LULUZULU sent me a pair of their Mummy Love tights and I was really pleased! Super comfy, really cute, they go with everything and Edith didn't want to take them off! 

LULUZULU from the UK is a collection of 'gender free' tights that are beautifully made, super fun, playful and practical. Started by Katie & Richard Kendrick, their love for mischievous design and creative adventure led them to start designing LULUZULU. Starting small with big ideas and a sprinkle of humour is their motto and a good one it is!

Check out their adorable collection here:

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