Tunage Tuesday: In Love

It's Tuesday so that means I have a new playlist for you! I must apologise, I have not had a new playlist up in a few weeks. I have loads formulating on my phone, but sometimes I loose track of time and miss uploading them. But I'm working on it. Since it's Valentine's Day today, I figure I would call this one In Love and there is a song by Shit Robot ( love that name) called In Love. No this is not a Valentine's playlist. It's probably the opposite. I will put together a playlist of my favourite love songs, but not on this occasion. My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We believe it's just another day to spend money. My husband always make the very sweet point, "I don't need just one day to express how much I love you, I try to do that every day". I know very sweet! We started a Valentines tradition when we first got together, we order a pizza and watch some stupid movie. I must say I love it! I wouldn't want to do anything else:) So on that note for those of you that do celebrate it! Awesome! And I hope you have a wonderful day. 
Side note: I will spoil Edith today:) 
Happy Listening!
kelly x

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