Tunage Tuesday: Side Fx by Denitia and Sene

Denitia and Sene There's 3 things that I love more than anything: music, fashion and photography. I can't go a single day, actually a single hour without music. Music is so ingrained in me that it's like breathing. I keep up with the latest music through my favourite podcasts; NPR: All Songs Considered, Colette Fr, and Freunde von Freunden. I feel it's my duty to know about great music out there today and not just be stuck on my favs from the past.

I've talked about Denitia and Sene before. This Brooklyn electro pop duo is so good at filling our ears with what I call blissful music. At my house we can't get enough of their new EP Side Fx.

Take a few minutes out and listen to my favourite song from them right now, Side Fx. It will get you off of your chair and on to your feet, I promise!


kelly xx




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