Tunage Tuesday with James Blake

Most of you probably know of James Blake or even have his music in your playlist, so this may be old news to you. But I'm a big James Blake fan and he has just released a new album, Overgrown. I became familiar with James Blake back awhile back, when he was just starting to get his name out there. I saw him play at Field Day few years ago and was really impressed with his performance. I like the fact that I can just sit back close my eyes and just chill to his music. From London England,  Blake studied music at Goldsmith, University of London, he was persistent in writing and producing his own music in his bedroom and released his first record on label Hemlock. DJ Gilles Peterson from Radio 1 became a big fan of James and this brought much attention to his music. Now a few years on with his second full length album out, James has become the man to see. Pre-book tickets for his upcoming tour now. And download his album, Overgrown. You won't be disappointed.


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