Tunage Tuesday with Pete Roe

I am a lover of music. I have been since I can remember. I owe it all to my dad. Growing up, my dad would put a record on, turn all the lights off in the house and my family would dance around the house in the dark. It's a memory I cherish to this day and It sparked the love of really listening to music. So I've decided to start a Tunage Tuesday and share the music I'm loving and listening to at the moment. For my first Tunage Tuesday I would like to introduce you to Pete Roe. Some of you may know who he is. The Guardian just named him an up-and-coming star. Born in London, England, Pete studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol, then moved back to London in 2007 to become a session musician for Laura Marling. He has now venture out on his own to release his first full-length album, Our Beloved Bubble, out 6 May 2013. 

I went and saw Pete play at The Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell last Wednesday. Let me tell you, it was phenomenal! I had listened to his EP and thought it was good, but seeing him live really did it for me. He really captures you with his voice and takes you away to peaceful place and puts a big smile right on your face. The guitar, cello, violin and harmony mix was just so pleasing to my ears. Pete Roe is folk at it's finest.

Pete is described as a missing link between John Martyn and Leonard Cohen, but I think you should make the judgement for yourself. Have a listen, I know you'll enjoy! You can have a listen to his music at his website. And pre-order his album at I-tunes

Pete is on tour starting in May. Visit his website for tour dates:

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