Wardrobe Wishlist Wednesday- Autumn Dresses

1.   Arket Chambray Wrap Dress 2. Topshop Black Tassel Earrings 3. Dieppe Restrepo Black Rod Boot 4. H&M Satin Wrap Dress 5. Topshop Pink Tassel Earrings  6. Topshop Marmalade Boot 7. Gestuz Leopard Print Dress 8. Miista Leah Velvet Flats 9. Topshop Tassel Earrings 10. Simply Be Velvet Dress 11. Miista Billie Velvet Boots 12. Rosita Bonits Leaping Tiger Earrings

Now that autumn is amongst us, I thought it appropriate to start planning my autumn wardrobe. I'm a sucker for a dress. My dress wishlist is probably a mile long. I in fact need blouses but instead of searching for the perfect blouse I look for dresses instead. I mean a dress is so easy and comfortable and pretty! You can't go wrong with a dress.

When looking for a dress I am automatically drawn to a midi dress. I find a midi dress very chic compared to a mini dress. I love the fact a midi will cover my legs but also show off my shoes. Here I have picked four dresses that give you a variety of styles and can be dressed up or down. Versatility in a dress is crucial for me. I focus more on quality then I do quantity these days. Yes I do love a high street dress, like the wrap H&M one above. It's chic, the colour is beautiful and it looks expensive. All winners in my book. 

I consider myself quite stylish and I'm very much into fashion but I do not focus too much on trends. I like to keep up to date with what is hot at the moment but then I apply what is appropriate for me. 

I do love the velvet trend at the moment and I will definitely rock it. I love the Simply Be Velvet dress above. They specialise in plus sizes but luckily a size 12 should fit me like a dream. I've also spotted a few velvet blazers which I hope to add to my autumn wardrobe. Not pictured here but I'll post soon. 

Leopard print will never go out of style for me. I will continue wearing it for as long as I live. It's fun and there are so many versions of a leopard print that it would be hard to get bored. I absolutely love the Gestuz Leopard print dress above, it's stunning! And I can't wait to hang it in my closet. 

Let's talk about the Arket Dress! It's so cool. It's simple which I love and it can be worn in so many ways. Wear it with black ankle boots like I have above or trainers or heels. Either way will look stunning.

So those are a few of the dresses I have on my autumn wishlist. I hope you find one that suits you!

Happy dress shopping!

kelly x


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