What's in My Bag?

I got asked by Julie from Rue La La , a members only shopping site to write a post about what's in my handbag. Check out their website and definitely check out their handbag survival guide! Great info ladies! 

http://www.ruelala.com/blog/handbags-and-purses/ I was delighted but a bit nervous as my handbag is by no means grand! And the essentials in my handbag are well essentials, things I can't live without. 

This last spring I was absolutely obsessing over Anthropolgie's Peach Pink Planate Backpack. I literally went to the website everyday waiting for it to go on sale and then one day it did!!!! I ordered it with such excited and waited anxiously for it to arrive! Unfortunately, when it arrived it was damaged so I went into Anthropologie and exchanged it for a perfect one! This bag has been loved. It's the perfect size, so easy to carry over your shoulder and yep, you guessed right it turns into a backpack!!!! A dream come true!

So what do I put in this great bag of mine, you ask? Well, it's pretty straight forward;

  • My diary, I cannot leave home without it. It is literally my bible. If I haven't written it down then most likely I will miss an appointment.
  • My notebook, for all my ideas and notes.
  • My handy pen, I only use fine point pens. My handwriting looks much better with these pens!
  • Urbanears Headphones, the best headphones, such a great sound.
  • My wallet Nat & Nin black leather wallet from Little Paris in Crouch End
  • Clarins hand and nail treatment, the best!!!!
  • My make-up bag. I will do another post soon about what's in my make-up bag. (But carries my chap stick, lip gloss, travel foundation, eye drops, extra contacts, tiny travel deodorant, perfume and of course mascara!)
  • My amazing Le Specs cat eye sunnies!!!!
  • And my i-phone, which I have just upgraded to an i-phone 6 yay!!!!!
So that's about it. Sometimes I find a dummy in my bag as I have a 2 1/2 year old or an odd toy, but normally I'm pretty basic, but never under estimate your everyday essentials.  When  I'm traveling or know I'll be out all day I carry a little survival travel bag. It's tiny, but it has everything in it, from stain remover to a tiny toothbrush, to face wipes. Sorry I forgot to include it in the pic but you can purchase it through Sephora
I would love to know what's in your bag and what you think is a lifesaver?
kelly xx


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