Where Did My Clothes Come From?

where did my clothes come fromSustainability, it's important. I know I've been talking about this a lot lately. But I can't emphasis enough how it's us that can change the way the fashion industry is heading. If each and everyone of us buy responsibly and not buy into fast fashion, then the use of chemicals and over producing will die down. I want Edith to know that quality is important and knowing where her clothing came from is also extremely important. I think people forget that people make our clothes and these people deserve a fair wage and good working conditions. I'm not gonna work for practically nothing and I'm sure as hell not gonna work in a hostile and unsafe environment.

Bambino Goodies shared a book on their website called Where Did My Clothes Come From? by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti on their website the other day and I bought it right then. It's such a great way to inform your kids on clothing. Starting them young will instil responsible buying habits!

I just got mine in the mail today! Check it out! You can buy it here from amazon

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