Where Do Baby Teeth Go?

Mighty-Twenty-Book-Where-do-our-baby-teeth-go Teeth, I'm talking to Edith about her teeth all the time, especially when it comes to brushing her teeth. I've tried to make it fun for her so she doesn't see it as a chore but something to look forward to before bed. We mainly do a lot of eeees and oooohs. Singing will get her to do anything.

Recently I became familiar with Where Do Baby Teeth Go?  an educational but fun book about losing your teeth, written by Vilasinee Bunnag and illustrated by Yasmin Doctor. Vilasinee started Mighty Twenty to educate kids about the importance of healthy teeth but in a fun and interesting way.


In 2006, Vilasinee started making milestone pillows for her young friends. They were no ordinary tooth fairy pillows, they came with personalized 20 "tooth tracker cards" for tracking memories and their baby teeth. Part sentimental and educational, these pillows and cards combo became one of the most memorable gifts for kids - they literally grew up with them.

After traveling to places like Indonesia, Africa and the Middle East, she decided to write a book about kids from different parts of the world sharing their stories about losing their teeth. She thought this would be a great way to educate children about teeth hygiene but would also bring communities together from around the world.

Edith and I had a read through Where Do Baby Teeth Go? and we both throughly enjoyed it! I highly recommend checking out this great book. Check out Mighty Twenty's website here:

They also sell adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows, Teeth Journals, and stickers!!!! It's a great gift to give to your little one!!!!

kelly xx

Mighty-Twenty-Tooth-Fairy-Tooth-Tracker-Journal-Yellow_Horizontal Mighty-Twenty-Tooth-Fairy-Pillow-Zebra-Horizontal

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