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For all you mamas out there, I just want to say, you are amazing and you should give yourself a pat on the back. And if you can, lock yourself in the bathroom for two minutes to enjoy a chocolate bar or a glass of prosecco to cheers your awesome self. Two minutes is definitely enough time to down a glass, believe me, I know! 
It's tough being a mama at times. Don't get me wrong I made the choice to become a mother, no-one forced me to do it, but I tell you, there are times that banging my head against the wall seems like the only logical thing to do. 
On the flip side I have this amazing almost 5 year old (that NEVER stops talking EVER) that fills my life with excitement and loads and loads of stories and talking and more talking and cuddles and more talking. I love it! I really do. 
So ladies I raise a toast to you. May this year bring you love, strength, self-confidence, friendship and of course lots of laughter with your little ones (or big if they are grown-up)
For us special mamas I've put together a pretty great Mother's Day gift guide. I don't except anything on Mother's Day, but it's always nice when you do get a little surprise.  So what is on this amazing gift guide?
  1. Dilli Grey Cashmere Throw - I love a throw and I love cashmere, so a cashmere throw is a match made in heaven. Dilli Grey has the most amazing kaftans for mamas and kids. Check out her website.
  2. A Beautiful Story - These are my favourite bracelets. I'm not joking. I wear them everyday. The are fair-trade beaded bracelets made in Nepal. ABS jewellery selection is just beautiful, take a look! It will be hard to just pick one.
  3. Cadence London Heart Necklace -Cadence London is a fine jewellery brand empowering women through symbolism and the beauty of anatomy and the human form. Cadence's jewellery is seriously stunning. When you buy a pieces of her jewellery, there is true meaning behind it. Can't wait to purchase a piece.
  4. This Lakshmi Print- Lakshmi, God, this women is such a beauty. I absolutely love her work. Head over to her website now and snatch yourself a print. You will not regret it!
  5. Honest Skincare Salt Scrub - I just love a scrub and I love the way it makes my skin feel. So this MOther's Day treat yourself to a nice bath with candles and a salt scrub. Ladies, you deserve it!
  6. Karin Andréasson Triangle Ring - I love rings just as much as I love bracelets. And I really love this triangle ring. It's dainty and elegant and cool all at the same time. 
  7. Yesmum Cards- If you have not gotten yourself some of the Yesmum cards, do it now!!!!! They are that pick me up we all need in the morning. I have bought all my friends a pack and I've bought myself some as well as my daughter. We read them in the morning together. Hollie you're  a genius! 
kelly x

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